Фото Evgenii Golubev

Director of Technopark 


Tel.: +7 (3452) 54-20-08, (ext. 17125)

e-mail: e.v.golubev@utmn.ru

Evgenii Golubev

Graduated from the University of Tyumen, the major in "Geography” in 2005.

10 years of work experience.

Candidate of Geographical Sciences

Professional development information:

-       2015 Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Situation analysis and target research model UTMN, Key steps to research  transformation at UTMN

-       2015 UTMN, Occupational Safety and Health

-       2015 Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Prospects of the Tyumen region, new industry and human resources

-       2015 Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. University Ranking, the University Model

-       2007 Finished the course on the program "Environmental Auditing and Environmental Management Systems in the enterprise"

-       2007 Program in innovation management (Technopark Management, Technology Transfer, and Scientific research administration) in the Technology Center of the University of Indianapolis The Indiana University Emerging Technologies Center (USA)

-       2004 Distance learning program at the University of Stanford in the United States (Stanford University, USA). Program in "international environmental policy"

-       2003 University of Wolverhampton (UK), The Environmental Sciences Department, School of Applied Sciences. University of Wolverhampton, SAS, UK


-       Certificate of Honor for Scientific Achievement, connected with the program Day of Science

-       Letter of Gratitude from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation

Management of large projects

-       "Development of technology and mobile equipment complex for the waste oil and gas recycling" in cooperation with JSC "Gazpromneft-NNG" (2010-2011)

-       "Development and serial production of measurement systems for produced oil and gas  accounting of the fields in the stage of final production" in cooperation with JSC "HMS Neftemash" (2013-2015) With the creation of a base of the department "Flow meter of oil and gas measurements"

Scientific and professional interests 

-       Waste Treatment Technologies in oil and gas industry

-       Redistribution of oil pollution in the river basin

-       Reducing accidents with oil and gas pipelines related to tectonic processes

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