Studying abroad: University of Belgrade

Studying abroad: University of Belgrade

3 September 2021
Daria Makarova shares about studying in Serbia, being brave and passing the exams online.  

The University of Tyumen offers students a unique opportunity to take part in various international academic mobility programs. UTMN and partner universities organize student mobility programs, language courses, internships, educational courses, and double degree programs. 

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Daria Makarova took part in the Semester Abroad program during the spring semester of 2019-20. She studied at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. 

“The lockdown came as a surprise; most people around me didn’t see the severity of the situation until a state of emergency was declared in the country. It was a complicated year, but, luckily, I found a lot of good friends during my stay. It felt like I was friends with the whole world, I‘ve met people from Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Syria, Korea, and many more. We supported each other through difficult times. We joked a lot, played ball in the yard, cooked national dishes, always tried to be positive, and believed that everything would be over soon.

During the lockdown, I’ve found time to slow down and make time for myself. I’ve caught up with my schoolwork. I finely had time to study Serbian. Starting to speak another language is like learning to walk again. The exchange program taught me not to be afraid of difficulties.

It was not easy to study under the circumstance. However, my professors believed in me and I was able to pass my finals. I stayed resilient and determined to pursue my goal. I faced the situation, where I needed to pass all exams remotely, during the lockdown. I was scared, but I found the strength and passed with excellent marks. For me this experience showed that I can achieve a lot, the secret is to be brave. 

I’m majoring in Russian as a foreign language. I always wanted to become a teacher and help international students learn Russian. I frequently tutor international students and it’s important for me to understand what they feel while in a foreign country.

Many people think that studying abroad is hard. In reality, you need to be brave and confident in your abilities. Don’t doubt yourself and miss out on opportunities.” 

To take part in the program, please, contact the UTMN Centre for International Education. The registration for the Spring Semester will open on September 1. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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