Al-Muzaiqer Mohammed Ali Yahya Ali

Al-Muzaiqer Mohammed Ali Yahya Ali

2 April 2018
Postgraduate student from the UTMN Institute of Physics and Technology, citizen of the Republic of Yemen, Al-Muzaiqer Mohammed Ali Yahya Ali, believes he has made the right choice and hopes to continue his research career in Tyumen. 
Al-Muzaiqer Mohammed Ali Yahya Ali, citizen of the Republic of Yemen, enrolled at UTMN as part of the Talent++ programme for prospective international students and is currently a postgraduate student at the UTMN Institute of Physics and Technology. He believes he has made the right choice and hopes to continue his research career in Tyumen.

– Mohammed, why did you choose to study in Russia?

– In 1980s-1990s, my uncle studied Medicine in Ryazan, Russia. Now he is one of the most successful doctors in the capital of Yemen. As a child, I was deeply impressed by his tales of your country and his professional skills, so I decided to get a degree here when I grew up. I graduated from my school with honors, and our government supports such students with a scholarship programme. And I chose to come to Russia, a choice that I don’t regret. Now I am looking forward to continuing my academic career here.   

– How has your academic career in Russia progressed?

– I came here in October 2010 and at first studied Russian in Lipetsk. Then I enrolled at the Kazan State Power Engineering University, first as an undergraduate, then I gain my masters degree there. After that, I won the UTMN’s Talent++ programme competition for foreigners, held as part of the 5-100 project, and enrolled at the University of Tyumen as a postgraduate student.   

– Why did you choose UTMN for your further academic career?

– After finishing my masters programme, I looked for good postgraduate programmes, and I found several. But I chose UTMN as it provides really good support for international students, in particular, giving them the opportunity to conduct research independently. I am strongly impressed by this. I had done research before, but not to the extent where you are allowed to participate in all its stages and see it through to the end. 

– Were you made to feel welcome at UTMN? What opportunities does the university provide to international students?

– Everyone at the university treated me well, helped me to adapt, provided me with accommodation and helped with obtaining a visa. 

I always note that here, at the University of Tyumen, I was impressed by the students’ and staff’s English language proficiency. I didn’t see such a high level of spoken English at other Russian universities. It is very helpful and makes communication easier.

Moreover, an Arabic Centre, aimed at uniting representatives from Arab countries who are currently living in Tyumen, has recently been established at UTMN. From my point of view, it also helps international students to adapt to the university. I am happy to be one of those who contributed to the establishment of the Centre. At the Centre, students can meet each other, exchange experience, interact with Russian students and tell them about our countries. I was a supervisor at the Centre, but now it is ready to go forward on its own. Currently, the Centre is headed by my friend from Egypt, Ahmed. My priorities are education and science, so I spend most of my time on them. Currently, I work at the UTMN Research Laboratory of Photonics and Microfluidics. 

– What research field are you working on here?

– My scientific supervisor, Natalia Ivanova, and I are developing methods of managing the processes of organizing particles in colloidal films. It is one of the hot topics in modern-day fundamental and applied science. Now we are studying the influence of various factors on the self-organisation process. Subsequently, it will help to develop new methods of producing materials with set properties, such as photonic crystals or metalized ceramics, to name but a few. 

Currently, we propose a method of managing micron-sized particles aggregation (self-organising) process based on the Marangoni effect. 

– Would you mind sharing your plans for the future with us?

– I have already prepared theses and applied to take part in a conference on thermophysics and physical hydrodynamics in Crimea. I also want to take part in the Marangoni conference in China – I’m waiting for a response from the organizing committee.    

Speaking of long-term prospects, micro- and macrophysics don’t exist as research fields in my country, but I don’t want to quit my research career, so I see my future in Tyumen. So my current plan is to write and defend my thesis, finish my postgraduate education and continue to do research. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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