Andrei Tolstikov
Senior Vice Rector
Phone: +7 (3452) 59 74 25


  • Develop university research and internationalization policy

  • Manage and coordinate university research division

  • Direct and сoordinate international research programs and projects


Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Russia, Kandidat (PhD equivalent), Entomology,1997

The University of Tyumen, Tyumen, Russia, Diploma with Honors, Biology, 1993


Honorary Certificate of Merit, Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, 2015

Leading Associate Professor of the University of Tyumen, 2002-2009

Silver Medal of the University of Tyumen, 2005

Best Young University Professor of the Ural Federal District of Russia, V. Potanin Foundation, 2003

Best Alumnus of the Year in the Ural Federal District of Russia (2nd prize), ACIE, Yekaterinburg, 2003

Major Grants received:

2017: Russian Foundation for Basic Research (250,000 Ru)

2016: Eurasia Foundation (35,000 USD), jointly with SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

2014: Ministry of Education and Science Competitive Contract (15,000,000 Ru)

2014: European Commission TEMPUS grant (3,000,000 Ru)

2012: Fulbright RIEA (25,000 USD)

2011: BMBF Sustainable Land Management Program (Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany) (4,1 mln euros) – Russian side coordinator

2010: Russian Ministry of Education and Research, joint soil zoology project with the University of Michigan, USA  (1,750,000 Ru) – Russian side co-PI

2009: US-Russia Program (US Department of Education), jointly with Indiana University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (400,000 USD) – Russian side director

2009: Russian Ministry of Education and Research (600,000 Ru), IREX PPG (10,000 USD), IREX PPG (5,000 USD)

2007: IREX PPG (20,000 USD), President of Russia grant (100,000 Ru)

2006: IREX UASP (12,000 USD)

2005: Russian Ministry of Education and Research (120,000 Ru)

2004: Russian Ministry of Education and Research (180,000 Ru), Governor of Tyumen Province grant (140,000 Ru)

2003: NATO Science CN NIG grant  (120,000 USD), ACIE alumnus grant (4,200 USD), Russian Ministry of Education (130,000 Ru)

2002: Russian Ministry of Education (900,000 Ru)

2001: Russian Ministry of Education (120,000 Ru)

2000: ACIE (ACTR/ACCELS) (20,000 USD)

Conferences organized:

International Conference “Environment and Natural Resource Management”. Tyumen, 2010-2014.

IREX International Symposium “Transfer of University Technologies and Innovative Management of Natural Resources”. Tyumen, 2007.

IV (XIV) All-Russian Meeting on Soil Zoology “Ecological Diversity of Soil Biology and Bioproductivity of Soils”. Tyumen, 2005

III All-Russian Symposium on Oribatid Mites. Tyumen, 2005

All-Russian Seminar “Microscopic Research from Loevenhoek Times till Technology of XXI century”. Tyumen, 2004.

International Seminar “Water Quality Assessment and Monitoring Using Biological Indices”. Tyumen, 2003

International Symposium “Periphyton of Continental Waters: The Present State of Knowledge and Perspectives for Further Research”. Tyumen, 2003.


More than 100 peer-reviewed publications, including journal articles, reviews and conference proceedings

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