Chinese Center
Chinese Center
Phone: +7(3452)59 74 00

About the Center:

The University of Tyumen's China Center is a place which works for promotion of the University and the city in China. The aim of our Center is the development of social connections between Russia and China. China Center of the University of Tyumen also promotes research of modern China to support quality dialogue between social structures and companies of two states. We are conducting many different events including cultural, academic and applied ones for supporting the citizens dialogue development. The UTMN China Center also provides the development of cultural exchanges between Russia and China. We are supporting the development of relations between Russia and People’s Republic of China in the frame of bilateral cooperation between universities, schools and organizations. It is highly important, that our work also supports the development of Russian-Chinese bilateral connections on the local level.

We try to build a strong basis of the cooperation between University of Tyumen and China’s representatives as well as between citizens of our states. We are open for cooperation with all colleagues in Tyumen and in Russia to support the development of cooperation with China.

Address: 625003, Tyumen, 6 Volodarskogo st., office 214

Tel: +7 (3452) 59 74 00


秋明国立大学中国中心 基于中俄双边国情,宣传推广中俄文化,使双边人民对彼此文化有更深了解,促进双边社会团体交流,推动发展中俄双边友好关系。一方面,我们在秋明州内组织举办区域性文化活动,使俄罗斯人民更好了解中国、中国文化。另一方面,我们加强秋明国立大学与中国教科研组织的联系,举办文化、学术交流活动,让更多中国人了解我们学校以及秋明州、俄罗斯。秋明国立大学中国中心是加强中俄关系的纽带,增进中俄友谊的友好使者.

地址:625003,秋明,沃洛达尔斯克街 6号,214办公室

电话:+7(3452)59 74 00


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