Announcement for International Students. Spring Semester 2021

Admissions 25 February 2021

Starting March 1, students of the University of Tyumen will continue their studies offline. We prepared a guide for students who plan to come to UTMN for the first time or are returning from abroad.

Instruction for international students

What should I do before crossing the border?

Make sure that borders between Russia and your country are officially open. Here is the list of countries Russia is open to: Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, India, Tanzania, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Seychelles, Singapore, Ethiopia, Japan.

Remember! Only travel by air is available between these countries. Students are responsible for handling the fees for their flights.

Get a visa if needed. Please let us know the date of your intended arrival after purchasing your tickets. To do this, fill out this form.

Enrolled students of UTMN who cannot enter the Russian Federation due to closed borders will study online.


All incoming international students who apply for a visa must fill out an Application Form for a Visa Invitation from UTMN.

COVID-19 Prevention

Do I need to get tested for COVID-19 before and after arrival?
Yes, according to the guidelines, foreign students arriving after February 16 must be tested twice for COVID-19.
• The first test is taken no earlier than three calendar days before arrival to the Russian Federation.
• The second test must be passed within 72 hours after entering the Russian Federation.

What language should the certificate be in?
Medical documents confirming a negative result can be provided in Russian or English.

My certificate is not in Russian or English.What to do?
Provide an official translation into Russian of the medical certificate (confirmed by a consular officer of the Russian Federation).

After your arrival

Fill in the migration card at the border of the Russian Federation. Be sure to indicate the purpose of your entry as "STUDY".

The migration card is a very important. You will need it for migration registration at the university. Don't lose it.

Note, dormitory stay is only available for students who have stated the purpose of their visit as “STUDY” in their migration card.

Migration registration procedure

From the moment of arrival in Tyumen, within 7 working days, the student must register at the place of their stay. The registration procedure for students who live in the UTMN dorms and the ones who do not are different.

I will be living in UTMN dorms. How do I register for migration?
When checking into our dorms, international students must immediately submit (within one workday) documents (passport, migration card, tickets of arrival in Tyumen, negative COVID test certificate) to the Passport and Visa Service Department. The dormitory manager or a buddy will help you transfer the documents.
From the moment you receive the detachable form of the notification of migration registration, you can stay in the Russian Federation until the end of the registration period.

I will not be staying at the UTMN dorms. How do I register for migration?
International students who will not be living at UTMN dorms must independently handle their migration registration. For advice on migration and visa issues, contact

I have submitted the required documents. What is next?
After your migration registration request is processed, the Passport and Visa Service Department staff will inform international students about the state of their documents. Once the documents are ready, you will be notified. It will be possible to visit the office only after you complete the quarantine period.
Please note that these measures are justified under the circumstances and are only temporary.

Is self-isolation necessary?
Yes, after arriving at the Russian Federation, but before receiving the COVID-19 test results, it is necessary to self-isolate. Medical workers will visit students, who are staying at the UTMN dorms, to arrange COVID-19 testing.

Who will assist me while I am in quarantine?
During your self-isolation at the dormitory, buddies and volunteers will transfer your documents, deliver your groceries and help you purchase necessary household items.

Study process

How will I study during the self-isolation period?
During the period of self-isolation, students will study online via the MS Teams platform.

When can I return to offline studies?
After receiving the negative test results for COVID-19, you must contact the Medical and Sanitary Unit of UTMN (Lenin st., 23, room 2). Contact number: 597-400 (add 11797).

After receiving the certificate, your magnetic pass will be unlocked, and you will get access to all educational buildings of the University of Tyumen.

Still have questions?

For advice on migration and visa issues, contact or our VK group.

Department of support services for international students and specialists:,

You can get the latest information about the Russian Federation entry restrictions at the  the Russian Federation ambassy near you.


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