How to Study for Free and Receive 500 USD Every Month at UTMN

Admissions 25 May 2018
The application process for the Talent ++ grant has been officially announced and is now in full swing.

In the framework of the Russian Academic Excellence Project “5-100”, the University of Tyumen is implementing the “Talent ++” project, aimed at attracting foreign citizens, graduates of other universities to study for PhD programs at UTMN. The grant includes free tuition for the entire duration of the PhD program of choice and a monthly allowance of 30000 RUB.

Last year, 4 international students have won the grant and are now studying for their PhD programs and conducting their research at UTMN. One of them, Mohammed Ali Yahya Ali Al-Muzaiqer from Yemen shares his experience in this article.


Foreign citizens who have graduated universities other than UTMN and who are applying for full-time PhD programs at UTMN are eligible to apply. The candidates for the scholarship should fulfill the following requirements:

  • speak fluent Russian (level B2 and higher);
  • have publications in the Index of Russian peer-reviewed scientific journals, Web of Science and Scopus data bases, etc.;
  • demonstrate their participation in scientific/grant contests, competitions and olympiads, etc.

Below are the guidelines to apply for the Talent ++ grant:

1) Send your portfolio to UTMN PhD Office at till June 15, 2018. Your portfolio should include:

  • motivation letter, stating the program and major the candidate is applying for, reasons of the candidate to apply to UTMN and purpose of thesis defense, the preliminary topic of the thesis and full name of the potential scientific supervisor (available on the UTMN website);
  • reasons for choosing the scientific supervisor among UTMN professors and researchers (if available); 
  • copies of published scientific works, and works to be published (with a reference stating that the works are accepted for publishing issued by the publisher) (if available);
  • copy of an international certificate of foreign language proficiency (if available);
  • copies of patents and/or certificates of registration of programs (if available);
  • documents providing evidence of achievements of the candidate (scientific contests, grants, olympiades, scholarships, etc.) (if available).

2) Portfolios are assessed according to the system “pass/ no pass”. The examination board retains the right to organize an interview with an applicant who has provided a portfolio.

3) The results of the contest are posted online on the official website of the university until June 18, 2018.

4) Selected candidates are invited to pass entrance exams, which are held from July 31 till August 3, 2018.

5) Successful candidates (who passed entrance exams with an “excellent” grade) are enrolled for the chosen PhD program and will receive a monthly allowance of 30 000 RUB starting from September 2018.

If a candidate’s portfolio didn’t receive a “pass”, they can still apply for a PhD program on a fee-paying basis.

For more information about the Talent ++ grant and admissions to UTMN, please contact UTMN International Admissions (non-CIS countries) at, +7 (3452) 45-53-69.

Source: UTMN Department of International Relations

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