Foreign students are interested in X-BIO master’s program

Admissions 16 July 2018
The master’s program Plant Biosecurity conducted in English attracted the attention of the graduate of the US university. William Julian received an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry with honors at the University of Vermont (USA). During his studies, he was twice awarded the Dean's Commendation for Academic Excellence. He was also a Fulbright U.S. Student Program award recipient.

“Having met the research laboratories, William is going to continue studying at UTMN in the master’s degree program Plant Biosecurity”, says UTMN Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs, Andrei Tolstikov, “It is a new master’s program designed to prepare future scientists for solving urgent issues, so-called ‘great challenges’, that modern science and industry face.”

For instance, such great challenge is antibiotic resistance of disease agents. It’s a big issue in medicine and agriculture. In X-BIO there are research groups that seek a complete solution to this issue. Biologists investigate parasites and carriers of disease such as bats, insects and mites, while physicists and chemists work on the etablishment of new biopesticides. In X-BIO biologists, physicists and chemists work together on interdisciplinary projects in cooperation with leading research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and foreign universities in Brazil, Germany, New Zealand, the USA, the Czech Republic and the Republic of South Africa.

X-BIO focuses on engineering and digital technologies applied to ‘smart agriculture’, for example, developing software packages for agriculture drones that are used in monitoring and the biological method of pest control.

“The University provides perfect technologies and equipment for this program”, says William Julian, “I am really impressed by X-BIO laboratories. I have not met such microscopes and such modern equipment at my university in the US.”

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications
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