Tyumen region entered the top 10 "student" regions of the Russian Federation

Admissions 16 October 2019

The majority of the Russian regions have a primarily negative enrollment growth. This was the concludsion of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) research.

Having studied the data on the number of students in the total population of the regions, they identified 10 “student regions" with the largest share of students in the population. The Tyumen region entered the top-10 rating.

The individualization of educational activities, new programs and institutes (School of Advanced Studies, the Institute of Environmental and Agricultural biology X-BIO), a modern infrastructure of the educational facilities and campus, and much more – these changes attract applicants both from Russia and from abroad, making the regional brand stronger and more competitive. In 2019, 2809 students enrolled in UTMN, 1561 of them being non-resident or international.

This year’s admission results give us hope that the Tyumen region will take its place among the applicant-magnet regions, such as the Moscow or the Saint-Petersburg regions.


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