Students Choose Courses in Accordance with Current Trends

Education 25 January 2018
By the end of the week, first-year students from the UTMN Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities, Institute of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences and Institute of Chemistry will have to choose courses for their individualized schedule for the second semester. Almost all places on elective courses were taken within 4 hours of the registration starting and currently the most students have already designed their schedule. 

According to the UTMN Department of Education, while choosing elective courses students demonstrated their desire to match modern educational, IT and social trends.  

Among the most popular courses are “The Basics of Programming”, “Psyche and The Brain”, “Applied Rhetoric and Argumentation Theory” and “Mathematics for Humanities Students”, to name but a few. Due to the individualized educational trajectory, each UTMN student have a chance to learn how to write a poem, progress in robotics or speak Spanish.

“Individualized education is beneficial for modern motivated and inquisitive students as they can obtain the exact skills that will be useful for them and their employers,” commented UTMN Rector Valery Falkov

It is especially relevant today as employers look for specialists with a range of seemingly unrelated skills, for example, chemists with IT skills, speaking foreign languages and able to work in a team. Unlike the old approach, the new educational system allows students to take all this into consideration, giving them the opportunity to choose various elective courses. 
Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

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