Experiments in higher education must become the norm

Education 3 July 2020

University World News published an article “Experimentation in university education mast become the norm,” by Dara Melnyk and Daniel Kontowski, developers of the new Master's Program at the UTMN School of Advanced Studies (SAS) – Master of Arts in Experimental Higher Education (MA X-HE). The article focuses on the subject of a controlled experiment as part of developing a modern educational process in universities. 

Not all universities will survive the COVID-19 crisis. Many niche institutions will have to alter their models to stay afloat. Other vulnerable higher education institutions lacking effective safety nets may downsize, consider merging, or declare bankruptcy. New institutions with better solutions will come to replace them. 

History repeats itself. We already saw something similar happening before. In the 1960s and 1970s, the wave of experimental higher education institutions offered new models and practices, which mainstream higher education could not ignore. This is how problem-based and project-based learning, individualization, and student-centered education became the norm. Now, universities have come to the point where they have no other choice but to innovate. To succeed without betraying their values, they need new solutions. 

Currently, three discussions are being held in the field of global higher education. The most prominent one is about the aftermath of the hasty transition to the online format; the second is devoted to discussing the survival strategies of universities under the new conditions. The third subject of discussion was the old problems that we had known about for a long time, but so have been ignoring. The rest of the article is available at University World News.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 


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