Finding strength in Unity

International 19 March 2020
More than 2,500 foreign students and post-graduate students from 49 countries study full and part-time at UTMN. We strive to provide the most comfortable learning and living conditions for all students. As of now, UTMN's main priority is to ensure the safety of students and staff.

Medical care is available to all foreign students; doctors of the UTMN Medical Unit monitor their overall health condition. If a student shows any signs of being unwell, they will be immediately transferred to an urgent examination unit.

Currently, there are no officially confirmed cases of coronavirus infection, and all the measures introduced are preventive.

For example, all UTMN students from China underwent a scheduled medical examination and received the all-clear health certificates. As for the UTMN Chinese students, who are currently residing outside of Russia, they will continue to study via distance learning.

Along with medical assistance, students also receive moral support, which is important under the current circumstance. Zhou Han, head of the UTMN Chinese center, always remains in touch with the students, provides psychological support and translation assistance. Also, university employees, tutors, and buddies are contributing to the cause and provide moral support for the students.

It is important to note that on March 16, 2020 all dormitories, as well as all university buildings, were quarantined. A ban on mass events was also introduced to lower the risk of the coronavirus spread.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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