Articles by Tyumen State University Researchers are Published in the Leading Academic Journals of the World

Research and Innovations 10 August 2015

In the first half of 2015, several articles written at Tyumen State University were published in foreign academic journals that have the impact factor of more than 1.0 in the Web of Science bibliographic database.


The authors studied the laser-induced capillary effect in thin layers of water-alcohol mixtures and developed the simple one-dimensional model of droplet growth depending on temperature and other conditions.

The authors have measured the temperature of levitating droplets and displayed the rise in temperature closer to the middle. The obtained data will contribute to the description of the complex behavior of levitating droplet clusters.  



The authors have carried out the integrated analysis of the macroevolution and macroecology of the ant of the Pheidole genus from 3,796 localities.

The article displayed the impact of topography on species in the ground litter. 

The article describes new species of the rare Tarsoheylidae mite discovered by Alexey Baryshnikov, a student of the Institute of Biology of TSU in Kurgan region. 


The scientists explored climate trends of the Western Siberian south according to the meteorological data of 1969–2011 years and the forecast for 2021–2050 years.


  • Johannes Kamp, Steffen Oppel, Alexandr A. Ananin, Yurii A. Durnev, Sergey N. Gashev, Norbert Hölzel, Alexandr L. Mishchenko, Jorma Pessa, Sergey M. Smirenski, Evgenii G. Strelnikov, Sami Timonen, Kolja Wolanska and Simba Chan. Global population collapse in migratory birds and illegal trapping in China // Conservation Biology. Published online: 8 JUN 2015. IF = 4,165. 

The data collected in the article reveals the illegal bird catching along the Eastern Asian flyway in PRC to be the main reason for the migratory birds population decline.


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