Article by UTMN Scholar Published in the Italian Yearbook of International Law

Research and Innovations 7 December 2017
The lastest, 26th issue of the Italian Yearbook of International Law has been published by one of the oldest and the most reputable publishing house BRILL/NIJHOFF (Leiden, Boston), founded in 1640.

A significant part of this issue was devoted to international law in regional and intergovernmental legal systems. At the beginning of the year, the Yearbook announced a competition to select the best articles. An article by UTMN professor Sergey Marochkin – “A Russian Approach to International Law in the Domestic Legal Order: Basics, Development and Perspectives” – was accepted and published on a competitive basis. 

The article analyzes the role of international law in the Russian legal system, how it is protected by the constitution and legislation and the court system’s perception and implementation of it in practice. Special attention is given to the latest tendencies in government attitudes to international obligations, which is often ambiguous and even controversial. One of the conclusion reads “the way to the rule of law is long and difficult; it requires a significant shift in the state’s will and mentality”. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

Link to Russian version: 


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