Researchers from UTMN, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland Invite Everyone to the Conference

Research and Innovations 20 March 2018
On 27-29 September 2018, the conference “Managing exile, suffering displacement, being an émigré: responsibility and mutual sympathy in the mirror of ego-documents and fiction” will take place in Tyumen and Tobolsk. It is organised by the UTMN Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities in collaboration with Institute for Literature at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Department of Humanities of University of Salerno and Institute of Special and Intercultural Communication of University of Warsaw.

The conference is designed to explore the symbolic economy of five kinds of involuntary ‘displacedness’ / ‘somewhere-else-ness’: emigration, exile, inner emigration, life in specposelenie and concentration-camp incarceration, – as part of a broader interest in self-reflection of litterateurs (intimate as well as self-alienated). The researchers suggest focusing on the regimes of responsibility and mutual sympathy, as invested in two types of texts produced by émigré, exiled etc. litterateurs (and in particular – writers): ego-documents and texts within their respective professional “majors” (fiction, historiography, journalism, philosophical or juridical treatises etc.). The conference organisers believe that viewing the mentioned kinds of situations and communities as liminal (in the framework of large-scale societies) could be heuristic. The organisers suggest addressing 17th – 20th century developments that occurred in or were related to Russia, but comparative works are also welcome.

For the sake of coherence of discussions, the language of communication shall be Russian. Presentations in English, French and Polish could be admitted only if accompanied by written Russian-language translation (to be used for handouts). Scheduling of parallel sessions shall be avoided. 

The prospective participants are invited to send paper proposals (between 2.000 and 3.000 characters long, to indicate subject matter, method(s), preliminary hypothesis and relevance to the conference concept note, and be supplemented by reference list of 3 to 10 titles) for 20-minutes presentations to, with a copy to any of these personal emails: (Yordan Lyutskanov), (Alexander Medvedev), (Giuseppina Giuliano), (Ludmila Lucewicz) till 15 May.

Authors shall be notified of (non)acceptance (to be decided upon blind evaluation by members of the scholarly committee) between 10 and 15 June. 

The registration fee of 35 EUR / 2450 RUB is to be paid in ways that will be specified later. 

Post-conference articles shall be expected by 1 January 2019 (a tentative term); basing on quality and thematic criteria, selections of them shall be submitted for publication in journals indexed in Scopus / Web of Science / ERIH PLUS / ESCI / Index Copernicus International.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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