Tyumen was recognized as the best city in regard to the quality of education

Society and Culture 15 January 2016

In 2015 Tyumen for the second time was recognized as the best city in the sphere of life quality. These are the results of a study conducted by the Financial University under the Government of Russia.

Assessment of the population quality of life was carried out in 38 large Russian cities. As in the previous survey of 2014 three different approaches were used to assess cities' life quality levels.

The first criterion consists of three components: level of material prosperity, quality of medical care and access to good education. The data for this criterion were obtained from both the Rosstat statistics, and public opinion polls. The only criterion by which the regional center is not ranked among the leaders is the level of material well-being. Moscow is far ahead of all other cities in this respect. According to other indicators Tyumen demonstrates good results being in top five of cities in terms of medical care quality and the quality of education.

The second approach to the assessment of life quality in the cities of Russia is based on the analysis of the opinions of Russian citizens. So, Tyumen is on the 3rd place regarding the quality of housing and utilities infrastructure as well as in provision of urban amenities. Besides, the city is ranked first in the quality of the road sector. Adding up all the elements of life quality, one can attribute the highest rate to Tyumen.

The third criterion is the ratio of the balance of migrants and permanent residents of the city. As a rule, people usually move to a place that offers ways to increase revenues and to get opportunities for personal development, that have access to qualitative high-tech medical care and education. According to this methodological approach, Sevastopol, Krasnodar, Kazan and Tyumen are the cities offering the highest life quality.

Summing up the results of the survey, we may state that Tyumen, Moscow, Kazan, Krasnodar and Grozny are the cities with the highest quality of life.

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