Urbanists Name Most Livable Cities

Society and Culture 23 December 2019

The Institute of Territorial Development “Urbanika” had analyzed top100 largest cities of Russia to determine which of them are the most comfortable and affordable to live in. The top five were: Krasnodar, Surgut, St. Petersburg, Tyumen and Kaluga.

Tyumen scored 4th in the list for its housing conditions, modern shopping centers, urban roads, low crime rates, other urban amenities and ever-growing city population. According to the Tyumen Administration Portal, based on 2018 data, the migration growth in the city of Tyumen amounted to 14778 people in the span of 12 months.

“Tyumen living and working conditions are attracting the new generation to live in the City. In turn, the City increases its competitiveness, challenging the highest requirements in terms of living comfort, quality and standard of living”.

Galina Efimova, Candidate of Sociology, Associate Professor, Department of General and Economic Sociology, University of Tyumen

Source: UTMN Strategic Communications Department


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