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Applications 2018



Mathematical methods in the study of living systems

Principal Investigator:  Andrei Tolstikov, Vice Rector for Research and International Relations


Project 1: Coordination compounds of pyrimidinones (thiones) and uracils (thiouracil)
Principal Investigator: Damir Safin, Director of the Institute of Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry

Project 2: Research aimed to establish the regularities of property and combination changes of oil systems after SPE waterflood operation
Principal Investigator: Nikolay Tretyakov, Director, Common Use Centre “Chemical Analysis and Identification of Substances”, Institute of Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry, Associate Professor


Project: Studying of antimicrobial peptides from plants and fungi microbes as "next-generation" biofungicides
Principal Investigator: Alexander S. Galushko

Applications 2017


Project 1: 

Taxonomic Diversity of Insects and Mites of Western Siberia 

Principal Investigator: Andrei Tolstikov, Vice Rector for Research and International Relations 

Project 2: 

Systematics and Ecology of Soil Inhabiting Arthropods

Principal Investigators: 

Andrei Tolstikov, Vice Rector for Research and International Relations; 

Alexandr Khaustov, Leading Research Fellow, International Complex Research Laboratory for Study of Climate Change, Land Use and Biodiversity


Project 1: Bioresource Potential and Ecological-Genetic Study of Cultivated Plants Populations under the Influence of Stress Factors

Project 2: Conceptual Model of a Potato Variety Resistant to the Main Pathogens (Late Blight and Alternaria)

Project 3: Assessment of Adaptation Processes and Natural Selection Direction in the Populations of Phytopathogenic Mycobiota of Plant Residues With Zero Tillage

Project 4: Microbial and Plant Consortia: the Principles of Formation and Management

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Nina Bome, Tyumen Outpost of the Nikolai Vavilov Institute of Plant Breeding & Department of Botany, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture, Institute of Biology 


Project: The Dynamic Cultures of the Antiquity and Middle Ages

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Alexander Emanov, Department of Archeology, Ancient and Middle Ages History.


Project: Diversity of Thermophilic Heterotrophic Oil-Degrading Microorganisms of Arctic Soils

Principal Investigator: Andrei Soromotin, Head of Research Institute of Ecology and Natural Resource Management.


Project: Microhydrodynamic Technologies for Controlled 2D Aerosol Generation

Principal Investigator: Alexandr A. Fedorets, Head of Microhydrodynamic Technologies Laboratory


Project 1Research and Development of New Non-Destructive Laser Diagnostics Methods for Soft and Liguid Materials as well as for Biological Tissues, Based on Laser-Induced Thermocapillary Effects

Project 2Optofluidics

Principal Investigator: Dr. Natalia Ivanova, Photonics & Optofluidics Research Laboratory


Project: Regional Inequalities and Labor Market

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Gulnara Romasnkina, Department of Mathematical Methods, Information Technologies and Management Systems in Economics 


Project 1: Agrogenic Transformation of Soil in the Old Agricultural Regions: Problems of Diagnostics and Classification

Project 2: Paleoreconstruction of the Geographic Environment of the Late Pleistocene Based on Morphological Analysis of Sand Deposits

Principal Investigator: Andrei A. Yurtaev, PhD, International Complex Research Laboratory for Study of Climate Change, Land Use and Biodiversity 


Project 1: Materiality and Affectivity

Project 2: Free Will: Implications of State-of-the-Art Research in Natural Sciences for Humanities and Social Sciences

Project 3: Cognitive Capitalism: Hidden Resistance and Mainstream Economic Theory

Principal Investigator: Andrey Scherbenok, Director of SAS


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