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The University of Tyumen invites you to become part of our exciting student life!

Student Life
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Student life at the University of Tyumen is a unique environment where everyone can find a place, come to prominence and become successful. Over the years, UTMN students have been interested in setting up student associations united through a common interest in scientific, intercultural, creative, social, sports, and other areas.

All the associations make part of the Student Union of UTMN, which is constituted on the principle of similarity of associations’ activities, and is not split up according to university's departments. This arrangement allows student associations to share their experiences and start new joint projects.

By 2015, the University had more than 130 student associations. Upon your enrollment, the student community supervisors and tutors in charge of creative initiatives will brief you on the list of existing associations. You will also be able to meet the most successful students during the presentation of extracurricular activities of UTMN.

The impressive achievements made by the UTMN students have been demonstrated by their triple victory in the Competition among Student Associations Development Programmes (SADP) organized by the Russian Ministry of Education.

In the period of 2012-2015, UTMN students received grants totaling 38 million rubles in the view of starting new student projects and supporting the largest student projects implemented by the University.

Judging by the results of the first year of implementing the UTMN programme, the University was ranked among the best 5 Russian universities in terms of pursuing student self-governing initiatives and supporting student sports activities. The University also placed first across the Ural Federal District in terms of developing student science and youth entrepreneurship, as well as organizing events aimed at raising the competitiveness of young specialists.

Thanks to the competition-based method of distributing project funds, students actively participating in the SADP to acquire skills in project development and the effective use of resources will have funds allocated for their initiatives. Project leaders gain experience in event management, team-building, and learn to take on the responsibility for achieving their goals.

In 2014 alone, UTMN students participated in the implementation of the Programme across six fields of activity, which included 24 large events divided into 553 smaller events.


Here is a list of the most recent projects carried out by the Student Union:

“Student initiatives laboratory” project

The student union of each institute took part in a psychological training intended to highlight existing organizational problems.    

“New faces” School

2 sessions are organized by the OSO UTMN every year. These are the Winter school ( and the Summer school (

The school of parliamentary debate

The Debate Club of UTMN ( organizes the Autumn school in parliamentary debate at UTMN (80 participants) and an Open Cup of UTMN in parliamentary debate with participants coming from various cities (62 participants coming from 6 cities).

Open cheerleading championship of Tyumen

and the annual city festival “Cheeriomukha” with the participation of different cheerleading teams (organized by the Cheerleading Federation of the Tyumen Region with the support of the University of Tyumen).

Walking tours of the tourist club of the UTMN

The tours include rafting on the Chusovaya river, trips to Turgoyak lake which includes study tours of the Sukhokamenka river and its crossing, second level difficulty adventure tours to the Northern Urals, biking tours to the Urenga mountain range, as well as weekend tours.

 “Ecomind” volunteer project 

Organization of the UTMN “Ecoday,” buying of containers for the separate collection of paper and plastics recycling. An agreement with the Novatec company has been reached to transport waste to special landfills for subsequent recycling.

All-Russian training for organizers of multicultural programmes

A youth discussion club on the issues of student exchange in member countries of the Council of Europe and CIS, jointly organized by the UTMN Centre of International Education.  


You are always welcome at UTMN. Here you can become a professional by actively participating in various schools, trainings and master classes; you can acquire knowledge allowing you to develop and implement projects on the basis of the university. Subsequently, the University can help putting into practice sustainable projects that have shown their viability at the University, city and regional levels.



For more details on the student life and sports activities at the university please visit the University’s web page.