Student life

The University of Tyumen invites you to become part of our exciting student life!


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UTMN is: 

  •  127 student clubs

  •  11 student councils 

  •  9 centers of student initiatives 

  •  5 all-Russian events per year

  •  A recipient of more than 65 million rubles in grant support of student initiatives over the last 5 years.

At the end of 2016, the University of Tyumen was granted an award for the best organization of student associations in Russia!

Regional and Federal-level University events in which students may participate include:

  •  Competition-festival “Freshmen debut” 

  •  UTMN (intellectual) QUIZ (UTMN Trivia Quiz) 

  •  Leadership Competence School, “New Faces”

  •  Meeting of the best academic groups in Russia 

  •  All-Russia tournament on parliamentary debates 

  •  Federal student “Tournament of three sciences”

  •  All-Russian Congress of Student Scientific Associations 

  •  National “Community” Forum for Leaders in International Education

  •  Russian Student Spring

  •  Championship of the Association of Students’ Sports Clubs in Russia

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