Become a Volunteer! Your time and talent can make a real difference in people’s lives!

"Volunteers League,” students’ volunteering community of the University of Tyumen, has volunteer opportunities to match a wide range of interests and time commitment.

You can:
1. Help kids to open up to the world: take part in classes, games, and concerts for orphaned children.
2. Help elderly and disabled people: hold meetings with elderly and disabled people, help to collect New Year presents and perform at the New Year concert for them.
3. Use your language and communication skills: work as an interpreter/translator at international sports competitions and festivals, escort foreign guests.
4. Support donor community: work with students to recruit blood donors and promote blood drives, help organize UTMN Donor’s Day in November and March.
5. Make a contribution to ecological sustainability: take part in our University project “5R: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, recover” and join our urban initiatives to improve and preserve the environment. 

Contact the supervisors of “Volunteers League” to find out more about opportunities and become a volunteer!

Elizaveta Repina 
phone: 89612051477, e-mail: english_tyumen@mail.ru (fluent in English)
Yana Bashkova 
Phone: 89324861604, e-mail: yanabashkova@yandex.ru
Irina Nikulina 
phone: 89088694147, e-mail: irasni@yandex.ru

Students can also develop their own leadership qualities at the university by taking place in organizations and events in University student life and beyond! 

Coordinator: Maria Kosicyna 
phone: 89323213352, e-mail: m.v.kosicyna@utmn.ru

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