Centre for Academic Writing
Centre for Academic Writing
Phone: (3452) 45-57-04
Email: cawi@utmn.ru
Address: 23 Lenina St., office 215
The Center was established in 2016. The Center's activities are aimed at creating a system for supporting publications in journals indexed by the international databases Web of Science and Scopus.

The center conducts consultations, training seminars, courses for graduate students, scientific and pedagogical workers and university employees who want to receive expert assistance in the field of writing an academic or scientific text, free of charge.

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Our goal 

The mission of the center is to give scientific and pedagogical workers and researchers of Tyumen State University an impetus to the development and improvement of competencies in the field of written scientific communication.

Our projects

English for Publishing courses

Purpose of the course: to prepare a scientific article in English for publication in an international journal.

Course duration: 36 academic hours. Training takes place in the "blended learning" mode.

Academic English

Purpose of the course: to improve the language competence in the field of academic English. 

Course duration: 20 academic hours.The training takes place online. No fee required. 

Training Seminars
  • Scientific Article Structure: General Overview;
  • Dos and Don’ts of Scientific Writing;
  • Tense Usage in a Scientific Article.

Our team 

 Евдаш В.М.CAWI.jpg

Valeria Evdash 

e-mail: v.m.evdash@utmn.ru
 жур.jpg Nadezhda Zhuravleva
Deputy Director

e-mail: cawi@utmn.ru

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