• Applied Linguistics: led by Doctor of Philology, professor Natalia Belozerova


The educational program trains teachers of foreign languages and cultures, translators, linguists and researchersof linguistics.Students can study English, French and German.They can also take part in double degree program in co-operation with French University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès. Theoretical coursesare taught in English.

The master's program “Applied Linguistics” is designed for those who hold a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree and have the goal of improving competencies in the field of applied linguistic activity, in particular in the field of teaching foreign languages and translation using modern information technologies. The curriculum of the program includes pedagogical, practical and pre-diploma internship, as well as research work.

Under the double degree program, students can study at a partner university for two terms.To complete the training students defend a theoretical applied master’s thesis in front of joint examination committee. The instruction is provided in Russian and English. For successful study in the double degree program students are offered a French course.Individual modules in Russian and English based on the MOODLE platform are offered for adaptation of foreign students.

The internship bases are educational institutions, translation bureaus and research laboratories of partner universities.Throughout the training, students conduct scientific research under the supervision of well-known scientists.The research is related to the implementation of modern linguistic studiesin translationandteaching practice.Depending on the subject, students are assigned to the laboratories of UTMN and the partner university to get acquainted with the methods of psycholinguistics, cognitive science, anthropology and other sciences.

The master's program is taught by Doctors and Candidates of Science from UTMN. Individual modules within the courses are taught by invited specialists from universities in Russia and Europe.

Contact information:

Natalia Belozerova

Director of the Institute’s number: +7 (3452) 45-56-86

Characteristics of the program:
Institute Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities
Degree awarded Master’s degree
Direction code 45.04.02
Entrance examination Exam - 40
Mode of study Full time
Duration of study 2 years
Tuition fee 155 328 RUB
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