• Counseling Psychology


The master’s program “Counseling Psychology” is aimed at training specialists who are able to implement practical technologies of psychological counseling based on fundamental psychological knowledge to solve various types of problems: individual, interpersonal and organizational, as well as those who are able to implement both applied and fundamental psychological research.

The aim of the program is to train a multi-skilled psychologist-consultant, who is able to work with psychological problems in all areas of human life, both personal (inner world, family, relationships with surroundings) and public (work, education, interaction with society, etc.).

The program implements two tracks: personal counseling (full time) and organizational counseling (extramural).

Graduates of the program can continue their studies at the PhD program.


Areas of professional activity of graduates:

Psychological counseling and correction, education, psychological and psychological-pedagogical development of children and adolescents (for the track "personal counseling"), consulting on staff management, recruitment, training and development of staff (for the track "organizational counseling").


Organizations and enterprises of possible employment:

Centers of psychological assistance to the population (individual and group counseling), educational institutions (individual and group counseling), medical institutions (individual and group counseling), institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, state and commercial enterprises and organizations, recruitment organizations (recruitment agencies), business training centers, freelance in the market of psychological services.

The focus of the training program: psychological counseling.

Track “Personal counseling”

The track is focused on providing specific assistance to adults and children who have applied in understanding the nature of their difficulties, analyzing and solving psychological problems related to their own characteristics, current circumstances of life, relationships in the family, with friends, in an organization or in an educational institution; assistance with forming new attitudes and making their own decisions. The students learn a set of special procedures designed to help a person in solving problems and making decisions about career, marriage, family, perfection of personality and interpersonal relationships, as well as contributing to personal development.

Track “Organizational counseling”

The focus of the track is the psychological aspects of human activity as an employee of the organization. The students learn to provide advisory services in the field of staff management, design and correction of organizational interactions, optimization of decision-making processes at the organizational level, career promotion and psychological support of specialists. The studentsstudy up on the tasks directly related to staff (recruitment, adaptation of staff, evaluation and certification of staff, socio-psychological development and training of staff) and the management system in the organization generally (planning, organization of processes, motivation of staff, control, training and formation of competencies).

Characteristics of the program:
Institute Institute of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences
Degree awarded Master’s degree
Direction code 37.04.01
Entrance examination Exam - 40
Mode of study Full time
Duration of study 2 years
Tuition fee 167 147 RUB
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