Admission Guide (10 steps to become a UTMN student)

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    Step 1

    Get ready to make your application by browsing our programs. UTMN provides more than 100 programs to international students.
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    Step 2

    Find out more information about your eligibility, the deadlines and the possible sources of funding your studies at UTMN.
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    Step 3

    Fill in the Online Application Form and attach the requested documents. An official translation into Russian and legalization are not required at this point.
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    Step 4

    While the Admissions Board is reviewing your application (usually takes 2-3 weeks), you can browse our pages for international students and testimonials.
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    Step 5

    Receive a Conditional Offer of Admission. Accept your Offer of Admission by sending us a signed Student Acceptance in your reply.
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    Step 6

    Pass the selection process (entrance exams if you applied for a degree program / scholarship selection if you applied for the scholarship).
  • 7

    Step 7

    Pay for your studies or receive the confirmation for the scholarship.
  • 8

    Step 8

    Receive a UTMN acceptance letter and an official visa invitation. Prepare your documents and apply for your visa. Please consult the checklist to ensure that all documents meet the requirements. 
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    Step 9

    Send the scanned copy of your visa and your arrival details to our International Student & Scholar Services so that we could arrange your pick-up.
  • 10

    Step 10

    Come to Tyumen and start your academic journey in our student community!

Financing your Studies

Sources of funding your studies at UTMN

Russian Government Scholarship
Each year foreign applicants can apply for Russian Government Scholarship, which provides:
• free tuition for the Foundation (Pre-University) program for one year (if needed);
• free tuition for the entire duration of the degree program;
• maintenance allowance for the entire duration of study;
• reservation at a dormitory (if available).

In order to apply for the Russian Government Scholarship:
1) Create an account on the Official Website for International Students Enrollment for Study in Russia;
2) Fill in all the required fields and attach the required documents (with a certified translation into Russian);
3) Select the University of Tyumen as your first choice;
4) Contact your local Rossotrudnichestvo office to get more information about the competitive selection process.
The selection process, number of scholarships and deadlines vary depending on applicant’s country of origin. You can find your local Rossotrudnichestvo office here.
The final decision on the scholarship allocation is made by Rossotrudnichestvo in your country.

UTMN Talent ++ Scholarship
PhD applicants can apply for the "Talent ++" grant, which covers:
• free tuition for the entire duration of the chosen PhD program;
• monthly scholarship (30 000 RUB per month - approximately 500 USD).
In order to apply for the grant, applicants need to have international publications and demonstrate their participation in scientific/grant contests, competitions and olympiades. The call for applications is now OPEN until June 15, 2018. Further information about the application process is available here.
Please note that this grant does not cover the tuition for the Foundation Program.

Self-financed studies
Please consult the pages with Degree Programs and Foundation Program for more information about tuition fees.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission Deadlines


      Program Start Date    

             Deadline to Apply

Degree Programs

September 1, 2019

          August 15, 2019

Foundation (Pre-University)

October 1, 2019

      July 31, 2019


Document Checklist

In order to successfully apply and enroll to the University of Tyumen, you will need to prepare a set of documents. This might depend on the program you are applying for:

Foundation program:
- Passport (must be valid for at least 1,5 years since the supposed date of your arrival) – scanned copy
- Previous academic certificate – scanned copy 
- Transcript of records for your previous academic certificate – scanned copy
- Motivation letter 

Degree program:
- Passport (must be valid for at least 1,5 years since the supposed date of your arrival) – scanned copy
- Previous academic certificate – original
- Transcript of records for your previous academic certificate – original  
- HIV certificate - original
- 4 passport sized photos

When you are submitting the Online Application Form, you do not need to have your documents translated and legalized. But once you received your Offer of Admission, you can start preparing your documents for enrollment. Moreover, if you are not planning to return to your country upon the completion of the Foundation Program and before the start of the degree program, it is better to complete all the procedures before you arrive to Russia.

All documents issued in a language, other than Russian, should have a certified translation into Russian prior to enrollment. You can make a certified translation at the Russian Embassy/ Consulate or at the translation center. 

Depending on the country of issue of your documents, they might be subject to the procedure of legalization. Legalization is the process of authenticating / certifying a legal document so that it would be valid abroad. This can be done at a Russian Consulate abroad or by the local authority in your country. For more information, please consult the Main State Center for Education Evaluation or the dedicated page on the Study in Russia website.

In case there is no bilateral agreement on mutual recognition of educational documents between the Russian Federation and the country of issue of your document, then it is subject to the procedure of recognition. This can be done by the Main State Center for Education Evaluation. More information about this procedure can be found on the dedicated page on the Study in Russia website.

Online Application Form


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to study at the University of Tyumen?
Please consult our Admissions Guide to get full information about the application process. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at!

Do you have any English taught programs?
Currently there is one Master’s program in Biology with a major in Plant Biosecurity at X-BIO Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Biology, which is entirely English-taught. UTMN also provides 7 bilingual (English/Russian) Bachelor's programs at the School of Advanced Studies in Economics, Sociology, Applied Information Science, Media and Communications, Arts and Humanities, History and Biology. All other degree programs are provided in Russian, however there are more than 150 English-taught courses within the programs.

What are the tuition fees for your programs?
The tuition fee for the Foundation Program for the 2018/19 academic year is 98 800 RUB. More information about the Foundation Program can be found here. The tuition fees for degree programs can vary from 96 620 RUB to 280 000 RUB depending on the chosen program. The tuition fees for all programs are available here. Please note that candidates who successfully pass entrance exams can benefit from discounts. Tuition fees for the citizens of other countries are the same as for Russian citizens. 

Do you provide financial support to international students to finance their studies?
International students can benefit from the Russian Government scholarship and Talent ++ grant to finance their studies at UTMN. For more information, please consult our page dedicated to possible sources of funding.

Do I need to translate my documents into Russian when applying to UTMN?
Applicants are not required to provide an official translation of their documents when sending their application. However, once you accept your Offer of Admission, you will need to prepare your documents according to the requirements (Document Checklist). 

Where can I certify my educational documents with an apostille or consular legalization?
This might depend on the country where the documents were issued, so the best solution would be to consult your national Ministry of Education for detailed information.

Where can I get more information about visa, accommodation, medical insurance and other services for international students?
Please visit our pages dedicated to international student support to get full information about these services.

What’s Tyumen like? Where can I read more about the city?
Tyumen is a dynamic and vibrant city, often ranked as“The most comfortable city of Russia”. You can browse the information on our website and on the official website of the Government of the Tyumen region.

Still have questions? 
Feel free to contact us at or via the form below - and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.


We will be glad to answer your questions and provide you with all information about admissions to UTMN. 

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