University in the city:
Our Tyumen

In the wilds of taiga, in the frozen tundra, among impenetrable swamps oil and gas fountained into the sky in the 1960s. 

Promptly, the main energy base of the country was established in the north of Western Siberia. 

News about the city never left pages of the major Soviet newspapers and television. Even the Wall Street Journal, theTimes, and other international media mentioned Tyumen on their pages. Soon Tyumen established scientific institutions and a university, while the city’s population grew from 150,000 to 600,000. Currently, more than 60% of national oil reserves are concentrated in Yugra, and more than 90% - in the Yamal peninsula.


A bio filter that helped clear the Gulf of Mexico of oil in 2010 was created in Tyumen. Technology of this invention is based on special microorganisms that consume the oil pollution and purify water surface. Oil-absorbing product was developed by Julia Deneko, development director at the Ecology Research Institute, together with her father, a scientist from the UT. 

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