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Tyumen is the capital city of the vast Tyumen region

When traveling through the Moscow region, a bus will suffice; however, for traversing through the Tyumen region one needs a train or a plane. 

The one-way flight from north to south takes as much time as the flight Tyumen-Moscow. 

The way from north to south is 2100 km, and the length of route from west to east is 1400 km. The area of the Tyumen region is really huge – 1,435 million sq. km. 

It is possible to accommodate such countries as France, Italy, Austria, or Germany within its territory. 


It is a well-known fact that Russia has so much fresh water that would be enough for the mankind.

Most of the fresh water reserves are concentrated in the Tyumen region. 

Here, water is everywhere. Those who flew over the area could not fail to notice that. There are about 25 thousand rivers and more than 500 thousand lakes in the Tyumen region. By the way, in Berdyuzhsky district near Tyumen there is a unique lake rightly called the miracle of Russia, because it has salt water and its healing properties are no worse than of the Dead Sea in Israel. People from all over Russia come to Tyumen to visit its thermal springs.

The main wealth of the region is of course oil and gas that brought international fame to Tyumen. The south of the region is rich in forests. The main species are: birch, pine, spruce, fir, aspen, cedar, and larch.


Brief description of the principal city of the Tyumen region:

The city is located on the West Siberian Plane.
The city has a river called Tura – a tributary of the Irtysh River.
Its geographical location is 57°09' N, 65°32' E
The distance from Moscow is 2144 km.
The height of the city above the sea level is 60 m.
The city’s area is 698,48 sq. km.
Local time: Moscow + 2 hrs.


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