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Things to do in Tyumen: shopping

There are numerous shopping malls situated all over Tyumen, providing an opportunity to purchase everything from souvenirs to food. They also offer numerous opportunities for entertainment and eating out. In Tyumen, one can find large Russian and foreign retailers, such as Lenta, Magnit, Mosmart, Metro Cash and Carry, Auchan, Leroy Merlin, etc.

The best place for shopping can be found around the "Kristall" shopping mall, as there one can buy not only high-quality food and fashionable clothing, but also all kinds of household supplies and technical products. The shopping mall is well-suited for getting together with friends, as it has a large modern hall with cafes and restaurants.

Other large shopping malls:

Gudwin Mall: 70 Maksima Gorkogo St. 

Magellan Mall:14 50 Let Oktiabria St.

Voyage Gallery: 94 Gertzina St.

Premier Mall: 63 50 Let VLKSM St. 

Visitors looking for a grocery shop around the student hostel on Komsomolskaya St. can find many places nearby, such as the “Svat” supermarket on 42 Respubliki St.

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