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Things to do in Tyumen 

Siberia is known for its long and frosty winter, therefore winter sports and games always were very popular here. Children and adults both equally enjoy playing snowballs, ice-hill sledging, building snow fortresses and making snowmen. Skiing, snowbarding and husky sledding are also available. 

Voroninskie Gorky skiing center is located in the suburbs of Tyumen close to the Tura River. To make your weekends and pastime brighter the center has three perfectly prepared tracks – each of which is 350 meters long. Every track is equipped with a ski-lift, and in the evening the slopes are well-lit for skiers. The elevation of the hills are about 50 meters. We offer tracks for both professionals and beginners. Our center also provides rentals for skies, skates, snowboards, sledges, and tubes – there is something for everyone. If you don’t know how to do any of these activities – don’t worry! At our center we have amazing, experienced instructors. They will help you get better. Voroninskie Gorky will strike the fancy of anyone who’s fond of winter sports. Moreover, a wide choice of equipment makes this place the best winter resort of Tyumen.
Skiing is also available in various recreation areas, located in the countryside. 


Even at -40 C outside you have an opportunity to enjoy swimming in an open pool with water temperature up to +42 C.

Verkhny Bor, located in a pine forest is one of the best-equipped recreation centres in Tyumen and the region. Its thermal spring is popular far beyond the Tyumen region and attracts more and more tourists from all across Russia every year. The special water composition makes swimming in it not only pleasant but also healthy.
Mineral water of bromine-chloride-sodium composition helps to restore strength has a general tonic effect on the body; it is also good for cardiovascular and nervous system diseases. 

Verchny bor

One more hot spring called Sovetsky Hot Springs is located 35 km away from Tyumen. Thermal and mineral water are drawn from a deep water well at a temperature of 47.8 degrees, which is then used to fill the mineral water swimming pool and jacuzzi. The swimming pool has a flow-circulation principle: water, after filling the main pool, flows into the lake. As a result the lake is also composed of mineral water, but as opposed to the pool it is chilled. The lake is an excellent alternative to the hot pools during the steamy summer months.

Feshenel Thermal Park is located in 60 kilometers from Tyumen. The main attraction of the complex is the thermal park. At present it is a swimming pool with hot mineral water under the open sky with a beach area. The impressive size of the pool (18x8 meters), allows you both enjoy the warm water of the mineral spring temperature of about 45 ° C and take a swim.
The healing properties of mineral water have been investigated and confirmed by a specially accredited laboratory.


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