Institute of Biology

Institute of Biology

Шалабодов Александр Дмитриевич.jpg     
Aleksandr Shalabodov, Prof. Dr.
Director of the Institute of Biology

Address: 3 Pirogova st., Tyumen   
Tel.: 007 (3452) 59-74-55  

The Institute Departments

Department of Human and Animals Anatomy and Physiology

Department of Botany, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture

Department of Zoology and Evolutional Ecology of Animals

Department of Ecology and Genetics

Zoological Museum


University of Tyumen’s biological sciences began in 1930 with Agropedological Institute. At first, the Institute of Biology consisted of two classical departments: zoology and botany. Currently, the Institute of biology is among the leading biological education institutions in Russia. 

Presently, the Institute of Biology is a center of research and education fitted with cutting-edge laboratories and equipment, Internet classes, and a language lab. The Institute has its own greenhouse, a zoological museum, herbarium, and a library. Next to the academic building there is a dormitory for students.

The Institute of Biology also puts on annual schools for young (grades 8-11) physiologists, plant biologists, ichthyologists, microbiologists, taxidermists, as well as in decorative piscatology and aquarium husbandry along with the School of Professor Tsoi. Each department organizes these respective schools.   


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