Institute of Finance and Economics

Institute of Finance and Economics

Лазутина.jpg     Daria Lazutina, PhD
Director of the Institute of Finance and Economics

Address: 16 Lenina st., Tyumen  
Tel.: 007 (3452) 29 76 62 


Department of Finance, Currency and Credit
Department of Economic Security, Accounting, Analysis and Auditing 
Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics 
Department of Mathematical Methods, IT and Systems of Management in Economics
Department of General and Economic Sociology 
Department of Customs 
Department of Economic Theory and Applied Economics 
Department of World Economics and International Business




The Institute of Finance and Economics works to fulfil the Tyumen region’s intellectual potential by developing multi-level training programs for highily educated, professionally active specialits who are adapted to the innovative economy.

The institute is a major player in UTMN international partnerships, having established numerous partnerships with scientific and educational institutions in Germany, France, and Norway. These allow for the development of general education programs, as well as new diverse teaching methods developed from international experience. Likewise, we emphasize teacher mobility, students’ international collaboration to carry out scientific research, the development of joint courses and lectures, and global discussions in the sphere of economic education.

The Institute provides both undergraduate and non-degree, practical training for students, many of which have gone on to work in some of the top companies of Tyumen and the Tyumen Region. Approximately 70% of institutes graduates find work in their major field and in local/retional major companies, businesses, and organizations.

The Finance and Economics Institute employs 193 instructors who work in eight departments within the institute, including 30 doctors of Science and 116 Candidates of Science. In addition to its specialization program, the institute organizes four bachelor’s degree programs and nine master’s programs in the following fields: economics, finances, book-keeping and accountancy, taxes and taxation, management, sociology, economic security, and personnel management.

Located in the historical part of Tyumen, the Institute’s home building was constructed in 1997 and posesses substantial informational and material resources for optimizing student success.


Bachelor Programs


Human Resources Management
Economic Security
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