UTMN International Relations Master's Program: First Results

UTMN International Relations Master's Program: First Results

18 June 2021
UTMN Students review the MA program - Analytics and Consulting in International Relations.

The new master's program Analytics and Consulting in International Relations was launched last year. The program was designed to provide students with practical knowledge and skills that they will use upon graduation. The courses are interdisciplinary and allow students to develop a well-rounded skillset. 

The program gained traction quite quickly, many international students have applied. 

Tomasz Blusiewicz, Head of the Master's program, Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Modern History and World Politics, comments:

"Our program extends borders. Graduates from different countries have applied, including, for example, students from Armenia and China. The faculty are recruited from abroad and all classes are conducted in English."

After the first year of the program coming to its close, we have asked our students to evaluate their experience.

Juliet Avetisyan:

I’ve graduated from UTMN with a bachelor's degree in Cartography and Geographic Information Systems.

I wanted to pursue International Relations because I developed an interest in political issues, and I wanted to explore that field from a geographical point of view.

Since I love creating geographic maps and I was interested in political issues, the program was a perfect match for me. From the very first day, we began to study and analyze global political problems.

Our training is very interesting. We learned a lot during the first year of the program: interpreting, business English, antiterrorism action, cold war studies, environmental problems in the global context, consulting, and economics. Most importantly, we studied International Relations in the IT field. 

It is quite novel but very interesting! Of course, it is difficult sometimes, since English is not my first language, but our professors are a huge help and break down concepts for us, so we would understand them easier. 

Sergey Meshkov:

The first year of the program is coming to its close. One of the reasons why I chose this program is due to my interest in International Relations. The curriculum was quite challenging but interesting, so I decided to apply. Another reason is the faculty. In my opinion, this is the strongest aspect of the program. My colleagues and I talk with professors from different countries and gain useful insight. 

Diana Pashanian 

After graduating from UTMN with a BA in International Relations I was thinking about studying abroad. But I decided to stay and apply for this program for several reasons. The biggest advantage for me is that we study in English. I was able to make great progress with my speaking and interpreting skills. 

The program also provides the opportunity to keep in touch with professionals in different fields from different countries, such as Poland, Serbia, the United States, etc. I’ve made friends with IT specialists from Italy and India. This was a huge and very important experience for me as a future diplomat. 

Shamil Rakhmatullin 

This program allows students to master a wide variety of subjects: interpreting, geopolitics, economics, as well as IT technologies.

Analyzing the results of the year spent under this program, I can say with confidence that I managed to gain irreplaceable experience. The skills acquired are highly relevant. We live in a rapidly changing world, so every corporation is looking for employees and specialists in the international field. If you love politics, economics, and foreign languages, this program is for you.

Eight budget places have been allocated for this Master's program. Apply now.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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