In 2008 the University of Tyumen became member of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPACee). The Network is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia.


NISPACee is a professional Network of more than 120 institutions from almost 40 countries (from the NISPAcee region and beyond) and hundreds of individuals sharing the organisation’s mission, established in 1995.

The mission of NISPAcee is to promote and strengthen effective and democratic governance and modernization of public administration and policy throughout the NISPAcee region.

NISPAcee functions and objectives:

  • Networking

  • Facilitating Training and Education

  • Fostering Research

  • Developing Consultancy

  • Supporting Advocacy

NISPAcee membership gives members access to the global community of Public Administration and Policy highly recognised professionals (academicians and practitioners) as well as opportunities to develop professional skills, relationships and cooperation at the international level.

NISPAcee also serves as a platform which facilitates contacts and cooperation with other relevant European, American and worldwide organisations such as EGPA, EAPAA, ASPA, NASPAA, IIAS, IASIA, UNDESA based on the membership of and Memorandum of Understanding signed with these institutions. All NISPAcee members have access to the relevant data and news from these partner institutions.

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