University of Tyumen is a member of the University of the Arctic 

since August 2009

UArctic.jpg The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative network of universities, colleges, research institutes and other organizations concerned with education and research in and about the North.

UArctic is a network which offers unique education, research and mobility opportunities:

  •      UArctic's education network provides programs and courses in the North about the northern issues
  •      UArctic's research networks foster issues-based cooperation of member-universities aiming to increase the knowledge generation and sharing across the North.
  •      The UArctic Studies Catalogue is a vital information tool for students interested in studying northern-relevant issues in UArctic member institutions. It also serves as an important promotional and marketing tool for our members to highlight their northern-relevant program and course offerings
  •      UArctic student mobility and exchange programs provide vast opportunities to study in different parts of the North as an exchange student

University of Tyumen focuses on the northern related issues in its educational and research programs. That’s why membership in UArctic is the University’s priority

The President of the University participated in UArctic Rectors’ Forum in Iceland in 2014. The leaders of the northern universities discussed issues of the university education in the North, approved UArctic Strategic Plan 2020 and signed UArctic Charter. Gennady Chebotarev was one of the speakers who informed the colleagues about the improvement of north-linked educational programs for sustainable development of the northern regions.

Students of University of Tyumen participate in the Mobility program North2North. In 2014 the student of the Department of the Earth Sciences visited University Center in Svalbard as an exchange student. She took several courses on Hydrology and Chemistry for one semester and returned home with a strong will to go on with the northern studies. For example, she got the opportunity to write her graduation thesis in two languages – English and Russian and under the supervision of two professor (Russian and Norwegian).

University of Tyumen is prioritizing its activities in the Arctic

Being the leading University in the Tyumen Region (the northern region) of University of Tyumen sets the objective in conjunction with public authorities to create conditions for northerners affordable and high-quality education.

From this perspective University of Tyumen since the 90s of the last century has been developing its own branches in the north areas (Surgut, Nadym, Novyi Urengoi, Noyabrsk).

Also it provides educational and research support for supports for indigenous peoples living in the northern areas which are intensively developed.

University’s environmental projects are highly demanded by oil and gas companies which cooperate with the University in the areas of environmental impact assessment, cleaning-up technologies, environmental audit.

Northern regions are currently facing one of the most important and productive periods in their history. The exploration of Arctic territories in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region is becoming more and more intensive. Since 2012 the region is bringing three important arctic projects to completion: the world's largest deposit of oil, gas and condensate — Bovanenkovskoye — was commissioned, and construction of both a new seaport and a liquid natural gas plant was begun. Ice-breaking tankers for shipping the gas are also due to be constructed.

University of Tyumen cooperates with the public authorities of the region and the operating companies in order to meet the requirements for sustainable development of the northern territories, to adapt to climate change in the period  of industrial development. The University provides deep scientific research for the projects. For example, it is currently considering the possibility of establishing an International Ecological Center for Arctic Research at the northernmost point of the Yamal Peninsula – Belyi Island in the Kara Sea – and multidisciplinary expeditions and research into innovative technologies are being carried out in the Yamal region for assured Arctic awareness.

International co-operation is a big part of University’s activities. In 2015 a large-scale international conference will be organized jointly by the University and the Administration of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. This idea of University of Tyumen has been supported by the Governor of the Region, who is interested in attracting the attention of international academic community to some aspects of development of the Arctic territories in Yamal. The main issues of the conference will be: universities’ role in training specialists for the Arctic development; environmental protection of the Arctic; international experience in the Arctic development and protection; adaptation of indigenous peoples to the Arctic change.

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