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Admissions 19 September 2017
Research of the global labour market has shown that employers’ expectations towards graduates of higher educational institutions are changing drastically. More than 90% of employers find training only professional skills insufficient, saying that it is important to develop so called extra-professional competencies such as critical thinking, self-education and personal development skills.

These requirements can only be met by an individualized education that gives students the opportunity to choose subjects depending on their personal preferences.

This year, UTMN has become one of the first universities in Russia to make a big step forward in the sphere of its education policy, implementing individualized educational trajectories in four institutions and the School of Advanced Studies.

“We have set ourselves a considerable goal of creating mechanisms and tools for the individualization of education and through this to give every student the opportunity to create an individual development trajectory. It will become the new UTMN educational model for years to come”, commented UTMN Rector Valery Falkov.

Due to the implementation of the individualized educational trajectories, UTMN first-year students get the opportunity to develop the skills they really need, studying not only compulsory disciplines but also elective subjects (75 courses to choose from). However, in accordance with the requirements of Russian State Education Standards, Major and Core disciplines are compulsory to study at a university, as the former develop professional skills and the latter give general extra-professional knowledge.

It is important that there is a unified Core for all students, which means UTMN philologists, chemists, psychologists and historians will get the same basic knowledge during the first semester.

What advantages does the individualized education have?

When choosing elective courses in accordance with their interests, students can sharpen their knowledge of their chosen professional sphere while developing additional competences in other fields, which significantly increases a student’s competitiveness on the labour market.


Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications

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