School of Advanced Studies Starts the Academic Year with a Series of Research Seminars

Education 13 September 2017
The UTMN School of Advanced Studies held the first of the four open seminars it has planned, in which SAS lecturers are to present the research the conducted before coming to Tyumen.  

“SAS gives its researchers lots of opportunities for self-realization in the academic fields we are interested in. Here we have the opportunity to create something that will be a breakthrough for the humanities and social sciences. That has enticed all of us. And, of course, the opportunity to participate in the creation of a school which has no counterparts in Russia, a school that is going to work by the best standards in Western humanitarian education – that is the magnet that attracted me and other professors to SAS”, said Evgeny Grishin, professor at SAS.

One of the seminars’ aims is to create an open space for multidisciplinary discussion under the banner of the School.

“One of the unique features of SAS is the opportunity to promote an interdisciplinary dialogue. There are few universities in the world where students can see information from different horizons. I, personally, studied philosophy and physics, so I’ll keep focusing on the interdisciplinary approach in my classes” said Louis Vervoort, professor at SAS.

During the first seminar, speakers gave lectures on physics, philosophy, history and performance studies – one of the newest disciplines, combining art and science.

“I hope that after my classes students will learn to risk questioning different assumptions applying various ways of thinking and practical skills, to build their own theories. The ability to question theories, based on other theories that, in turn, are based on other theories, is very important, and the point is not to find the truth, but to better understand the circumstances in which we are all studying” said Duskin Drum, professor at SAS.

The next SAS open seminars will be devoted to other scientific fields. The event organisers and invited experts noted that SAS researchers have great potential and hoped that UTMN would continue holding open lectures in the future.

Source: UTMN Office of Strategic Communications

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