UTMN Students Complete Internship at Huawei’s Main Laboratory

International 12 December 2017
When the competition for a Huawei internship was announced, many students asked themselves “Why do I need this internship in China? Why write motivation letters, worry about a face-to-face interview in English if studying at the university already takes up lots of time and energy?” 

“My only answer is: to stand out in the crowd, to open new horizons, to think big and to change the world around you for the better,” commented the senior professor from the Department of Information Security, Artyom Vorobyov

This November, Artyom Vorobyov and students from the UTMN Institute of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Natalia Derevesnikova and Anton Lyachek, won the prestigious competition and went to Shenzhen for an internship as part of a Russian delegation.

The well-organized internship programme was full of interesting interactive events. The group had introductory Chinese language courses and studied advanced networking technologies. Despite having different skills and language levels, all students were involved in the process. Apart from lectures, the programme included practical classes where students could work with real equipment. 

“Huawei invests a lot of resources into research and development so our classes were mainly devoted to ICT and telecommunication innovations,” said Natalia Derevesnikova. “We learned lots of interesting and useful things here. For instance, that the 5G standard will be implemented in the next few years. What is more, it’s been suggested that with this communication format it will be not us learning to use smartphones, but smartphones studying our behavior and adapting accordingly”. 

“During classes with Huawei representatives, we discussed the capabilities of one forward-looking field of research – smart innovations: smart houses, smart cities, smart cars and so on,” said Anton Lyachek. “Of course, it is very convenient and promising; we should develop this field and implement its technology. But here we face a serious security issue: if you can remotely control your microwave, how can we prevent someone else from doing it?”

The University of Tyumen actively promotes students’ development and their academic mobility. The internship at Huawei gave its participants the opportunity to get to know a foreign country, learn a language spoken worldwide, be introduced to Chinese traditions, as well as to get inspired by the history of such a large company as Huawei and to feel involved in its development. 

“Networking technology is developing rapidly,” said Artyom Vorobyov. “I can say for sure that what they had learned at UTMN allowed our students to successfully complete their internship at the main laboratory of Huawei, a world leader in the sphere of information technology”. 

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications 

Link to Russian version: https://www.utmn.ru/presse/novosti/mezhdunarodnaya-deyatelnost/472257/


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