UTMN expands academic relations with Indian universities

International 1 August 2018
Chandigarh University, one of the international partners of the University of Tyumen, held seminars under the International Faculty Development Program
(IFDP-2018). Chandigarh University, which is among the top-3 Indian universities, invited researchers from Australia, Switzerland, Denmark,
Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, the USA and the Philippines. The University of Tyumen was represented by Dmitry Gabyshev, research scholar of
the microhydrodynamic technologies laboratory. He was a speaker at the seminar on dropwise cluster and initiated the audience into what is currently
known about this structure and what is yet to be examined. Dmitry Gabyshev met Vice-chancellor of Chandigarh University, Prof. R. S. Bawa, Dean of the Department of Chemistry, Varinder Kaur and other university employees.

He also paid a visit to Panjab University, ranked among the best world universities for a range of indicators. The purpose of the visit was to identify
common interests for cooperation in areas of student and academic exchange, joint researches and contributions, education and culture, and studying in
Russian and Hindi. Another possible area of cooperation is the field of law. The University of Tyumen issues Scopus indexed BRICS Law Journal, so it is
interested in Indian lawyers and jurists’ researches. The meeting was attended by Director of the Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility, S. K.
Mehta, Chairperson of the Department of Hindi, Gurmeet Singh and the professor of the University Institute of Legal Studies, Shruti Bedi. Dmitry
Gabyshev made the presentation of the University of Tyumen and the microhydrodynamic technologies laboratory.

 During the visit he also gave an open lecture on dropwise cluster at Panjab University.

 “Chandigarh University is a young and developing university. It is welcoming and, at the same time, audacious and ambitious. So far it focuses on education
and student engagement”, shares his impressions Dmitry Gabyshev, “While Panjab University is quite old and developed, so it can afford maintenance of
expensive laboratories and investment in science. Thus, I believe it might spark the interest of our chemists and physicists.”

At the end of the visit to India there was made a preliminary agreement on drafting the memorandum of cooperation in the near future. Deputy Director of
International Relations at Chandigarh University, Prof. Rajan Sharma, expressed gratitude for the visit to Dmitry Gabyshev on behalf of Chancellor,

Vice-chancellor and Deans of Chandigarh University.

Source: UTMN Department of Strategic Communications
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