Director of North and Arctic Region Economy Center gives lecture to the Polytechnic School Students

Research and Innovations 8 December 2016

Alexander Pilyasov, the director of the center of the North and Arctic Regional Economy and the Productive Power Research Council through the Ministry of Economic Development and the Russian Academy of Sciences, gave a lecture to the Polytechnic School students at the University of Tyumen (UT).

The main topics of the meeting with students in field of conceptual engineering concerned the North Arctic Region and its federal policy, the changes to the oil production, the innovation imperatives, and the medium business and the development of the region in general.

“The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug strategy was developed last week. Only local authorities were familiar with its materials,” reported A. Pilyasov. “The UT Polytechnic School  became the first external venue acquainted with the strategy. I am glad that students immediately received the information on the district's high-priority projects on which my colleagues and I were working last eight month. It is important to be aware of the discussed problems at the economic and customer meetings, at the Ugra Economic Development Department, as well as to understand the fundamentals of the oil and gas regions development in Russia.”

Pilyasov, the author of dozens of strategies and programs for northern regions and municipalities highly appreciated the Polytechnic School abilities, continued: “I am convinced that a combination of engineering and humanitarian knowledge produces some unique complex of competence. Traditional engineering education involves only technological competences. At the UT, it is different: they discuss people, governmental power, management models and entrepreneurship. Such an unexpected addition to our basic knowledge broadens students’ capabilities.”

Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications

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