Polytechnic School

Polytechnic School





Mikhail Pisarev
 Director of the UTMN Polytechnic School

   Konstantin Fedorov
     Supervising professor, Director of the Institute    
    of Physics and Technology at UTMN,
    PhD in technology


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to put experts, academics
and students into creative, multi-disciplinary groups thereby fostering communication and learning
to train specialists in accordance with the needs of a particular company
to bring professional training nearer to the production requirements to the maximum extent possible
to stimulate students to put their ideas into practice and implement their projects

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to change the way of training
engineers by involving students
into solving research and
production problems of a particular company – their prospective employer
to create conditions for the development
of the project-oriented education model for training engineers
to change the approach to staffing:
to actively invite leading scientists and experts, including foreign nationals


arrow.png  New quality of education through the tailor-made approach to the academic process, research- and production-related programmes

arrow.png  Multiple opportunities and adaptability of study programmes depending on the range of problems and current tasks relating to production, as well as regional development plans

arrow.png  The employers can formulate their requirements in regarding the training of students in the professional fields currently in demand on the labour market

arrow.png  Representatives of partner companies take charge of scientific research and study programmes

arrow.png Multidisciplinary groups are conducive to developing a competitive environment

arrow.png  Implementation of advanced training programmes, professional development of specialists, and retraining of company personnel

arrow.png  Joint production, research and education related activity in cooperation with Russian and foreign organizations and research centres


Masters degree course
Conceptual Engineering for the Oil and Gas Industry
(Conceptual Petroleum engineering / MASСPE)

Course duration: 2 years
Total number of places: 35
Number of tuition-free places: 30 




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