Prominent Tyumen Historians Discuss Upcoming Projects

Society and Culture 22 December 2016

The Institute of History and Political Sciences held its annual council meeting with the Russian Historical Society (RHS). Its participants include representatives from Tyumen universities, Yalutorovsk museum complex, Tobolsk Revival Fund, State Archive of Tyumen Oblast, and local historians.

 Professor Sergei Kondratiev presented the office activities report from 2016, which was approved by the council participants. They then approved the new plan of events for 2017 as well.

 “The organizations participating in the Tyumen branch of the RHS are actively involved in the preservation of historical memory, patriotic education, and preparing for Tyumen’s 430th anniversary, among other spheres,” stated Dr. Dmitry Gogolev, branch secretary and associate professor of the University of Tyumen’s Department of Archaelogy, Ancient World, and Medieval Studies. Discussing future plans, council participants decided to support the citizens’ appeal from Karasul village in Ishimsky District about building a monument “To the Victims of the Hard Times (1917-1939)”. They also discussed a Tobolsk citizen’s appeal to create a State Historical-archaeological and Historical-natural Reserve Museum “The Irtysh river museum” on Tobolsk District territory.

 There are numerous historical milestones of regional and national importance in many of the planned items. These include, for instance, the 100th anniversaries of two crucial revolutions and the 110th birthday anniversary of P.M. Fitin, a Yalutorovsk school graduate and a director of intelligence service from 1939 to 1946.

 The Tyumen RHS branch plans to support the “Region-Tyumen” a television and radio broadcasting company, which is making a film titled “The Secret of Catalan Map”. This film is about a European map in which the city of Tyumen is represented by its original name  –Singui. Who knows – this may add a couple hundred years to our understanding of our city!


Source: UT Office of Strategic Communications 

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