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Nadezhda Dubiv, Prof. Dr.
Director of the Institute of History and Political Sciences

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The Institute Departments

Department of Politics

Department of Foreign Languages

Department of Russian History

Department of Modern History and International Affairs

Department of Archaeology, Ancient World and Medieval Studies

Department of Documentation Studies
Laboratory for Historical Geography and Regionalistics
Laboratory for Archaeology


The mission of the Institute is to train specialists in history, international relations, political science, documentation management and archival science, teacher education (history and a foreign language).  Its first predecessor, the Faculty of History of Tyumen State Pedagogical Institute, was opened by order of people’s commissariat – RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic). 

The Institute  employs 75 teachers, including 12 Doctors of Science/Professors, 50 Candidates of Science / Associate Professors. The Institute prepares students in 9 educational programs of undergraduate studies, 3 programs of MA course and 6 postgraduate programs. More than 150 bachelors, 25 masters graduate from the Institute. The Institute conducts researches on grants of Russian Science Foundation (RSF), Russian Foundation for HumanitiesRussian Foundation of Fundamental Research, the President of the Russian Federation, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and others. Every year the Institute holds 6 international and national scientific conferences, publishes 4 monographs, 7 collections of scientific articles, 5 periodicals, 20 magazine articles indexed in international scientometrical databases and Russian Science Citation Index.


The first deans were Z.P. Belozerova (1945 - 1948), A.P. Teryuhanov (1949 - 1950) and A.E. Obraztsova (1950).  The Department of History was the first operating department at the faculty.  In 1949 it was divided into two departments - the History of the USSR (the head - Roschevsky P.I.) and the World History (the head - E.A. Ivanov).  In 1950 the Faculty of History was renamed to the Faculty of History and Philology and it had three departments: the Department of History, the Department of Russian Language and the Department of Literature and Foreign Languages.  The Department of History of the USSR and the World History were merged into the Department of History (Head - Roschevsky P.I.).  Besides this, the Department of Russian Language, Literature and Foreign Languages was still operating.  In 1961, the Faculty of Foreign Languages was separated from the Department of History.   Z.P. Belozerova (1951 - 1955), L.V. Polonsky (1955 - 1956), V.A. Danilov (1957 - 1961), I.N. Sosnovkin (1962 - 1966), again V.A. Danilov (1972 - 1980) were the Deans of History and Philology Faculty.  In 1973, the Department of History was divided into the Department of History of the USSR (the head - Roschevsky P.I.) and the Department of World History (Head - Danilov V.A.).

Apart from the departments, the Archaeological Laboratory (1978) and the Archaeological Museum (1980) were established. In 1980, the Faculty of Philology was separated.  The dean of the Faculty of History remained V.A. Danilov (1980 - 1986). In 1986 the Department was transformed into the History and Law Department and it was headed by E.B. Zabolotny, who had been elected at a personnel meeting with the participation of students. At the same time the Laboratory of Siberian History and Culture (head -  Polovinkin N.S.) started working, archeographical and iconographic collections and the Museum of Ethnography were being set up. In 1987 the Department of Law was allocated from the History and Law Department. In 1988 the third Department of Historiography and Source studies (head - V.A. Danilov) was established. The deans of the Department of History were E.B. Zabolotny (1987 - 1988), K.M. Guriev (1988 - 1993), V.V. Konovalov (1993 - 1995), S.V. Kondratyev (1996 - 2000). Some new specialties were launched shortly after - International Relations (1997), Documentation Management and Documentary Support of Management (1998), and Political Science (2000). Six departments were set up: the Department of National History (head - V.V. Konovalov), History of the Ancient World and the Middle Ages (the head - Emanov A.G.), Modern History and International Relations (head - Kondratiev S.V.), Documentation, Historiography and Source studies (head – Z.N. Sokov), Political Science (head - Bogomjakov V.G.) and Foreign Languages Department ​​(head - Knyagnitskaya O.D.).

In 2005, the Department of History was transformed into the Institute of History and Political Science (director – S.V. Kondratyev). The Institute has 6 departments, 3 research laboratories, the study room of history, the Dissertation Council for defending Doctoral theses in Historical Sciences (Chairman – S.V. Kondratyev). 

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