New Research Team Is Forming at SAS UTMN

Society and Culture 13 February 2018
The search for faculty members at the UTMN School of Advanced Studies continues. 

Research teams are formed through an innovative faculty search procedure held in two stages – applications processing and skype interview. As a result, 24 PhDs from 26 universities and 17 countries (USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Poland, Serbia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Qatar and Russia) have been chosen to participate in the offline Session in Tyumen. 

Candidates will get together in SAS for a project design session where they self-organize into multidisciplinary teams and propose research projects. The results will be presented at three plenary meetings, each project will be reviewed by independent experts, other candidates and SAS researchers.  

Core members of the best project teams will receive full-time faculty positions at the UTMN School of Advanced Studies.

“As part of bringing the competitive enhancement programme into fruition, we made the serious decision to modernise education at UTMN through implementing individualized educational trajectories. The School of Advanced Studies was designed as a UTMN Honors College – a place where the university’s intellectual and infrastructural resources are concentrated. The School with its extraordinary teaching staff and highly motivated students is expected to bring quantitative and qualitative changes to the university’s educational model,” commented UTMN Rector Valery Falkov.  

The plenary session will be broadcast online. 

The session programme is available here

Source: UTMN School of Advanced Studies

Link to Russian version: 


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