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logo_BLJ.jpgThe University of Tyumen has become a publisher of BRICS Law Journal which objective is to be an open forum for legal scholars and practitioners to reflect on issues that are relevant to the BRICS countries and internationally significant. BRICS Law Journal is the world's first legal academic journal covering legal aspects of the current association of the BRICS group.

The journal was created in 2014 on the initiative of the academic community in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.

The journal is registered in the Russian Federation. It is indexed by international agencies, including the international research base HeinOnline having access to 1,700 libraries, 40,000 subscribers in 175 countries. The journal is published in strict accordance with the requirements of Scopus and Web of Science, which indexation is a key indicator of the international rating agencies. Since 2014 the editorial board of the journal has been headed by Dmitry Maleshin, a Professor of Civil Procedure Law Faculty of Moscow State University.

The journal mission is to conduct discussion between Russian lawyers and their colleagues abroad and to contribute to international collaboration.

There are three basic objectives of the journal development:
1. To raise interest in Russian legal concepts, ideas and legal research in the international community 
2. To create and sustain an open forum for legal scholars and practitioners in order to reflect on and analyze issues that are relevant to the BRICS and internationally significant 
3. To provide favourable conditions for excellence of legal research in Russian law schools 

The journal is created to become 
- a reliable source of relevant legal and analytical information 
- an advanced research journal of the University of Tyumen
- a top-indexed recognizable competitive journal

For any further information and questions please contact our team:

Chief Editor
Dmitry Maleshin
a professor of Civil Procedural Law Moscow State University and National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

Deputy Chief Editor
Sergey Marochkin
professor of International Law, Director of the Institute of State and Law, University of Tyumen (Russia)

Executive editor
Elena Gladun
associate professor, the Institute of State and Law, University of Tyumen (Russia)
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