Laboratory for Ecology and Ethnography

Laboratory for Archaeology and Ethnography

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and Ethnography established at the Institute of History and Political Science

The Research Laboratory for Archeology and Ethnography conducts research in the study of Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, and Medieval history of the Western Siberian region. Its goal is the comprehensive study of the living conditions of the ancient populations of the region.

Laboratory's head: doctor of historical sciences, professor Matveeva Natalia Petrovna, an expert on the archeology of Siberia and adjacent territories of the primitive era, the Middle Ages and Modern Times

Subject of research: "The dynamics of ethnic and cultural, social and economic processes in Western Siberia basing on archaeological data"

Major Findings Include:

  • Discovery of more than 500 monuments from different eras reflecting 8,000 years of Tyumen history;

  • Analysis of stone tools, ancient religious sites, and locations used for human sacrifice;

  • Traces of ancient agriculture in the Tobol cultures of the late second millennium BC;

  • A social genesis of Western Siberia during in the early parts of the Iron Age;

  • Discovery and study of military outposts and burial grounds;

  • Identification and cultural characterization of early Siberian peoples;

  • For more information, please see the contact information below.

Contact Information:

Tyumen,  23 Lenina,  house 11, offices  604, 608;

Address: 625003, Tyumen, ul. Semakova 10

Tel. 7 (3452)  455106

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