Sociological Laboratory

Galina Efimova, PhD

Tel.: 007 3452 45 14 88
office 108, 16 Lenina St.
625003 Tyumen

Major activities:

  • Organization and administration of the exploratory and applied sociological researches commissioned by executive and legislative government bodies, enterprises, organizations, university administration;
  • Administration of scientific and applied scientific research funded by special federal and local programs;  
  • Promotion of Bachelors’ and Masters’ higher sociological education development.
  • Meeting social and governmental needs concerning qualified specialists with highly-professional research experience.
  • Promotion of scientific expertise and innovation efficiency for Bachelor's, Master's and postgraduate students by integrating the university’s educational, scientific and innovative activities;
  • Forming a high-quality academic system for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Postgraduate training through multidisciplinary connections in theoretical and practical learning;  
  • Integrating students’ educational and independent scientific research work together  

Types of activities:

  • Conducting theoretical and experimental sociological researches;
  • Organizing scientific and methodological conferences and seminars;
  • Organizing introductory, practical training, scientific and other types of internship for students;
  • Preparation and provision of informational and analytical materials concerning sociological researches of a broad range of problems;
  • Improvement and introduction of new methods of scientific and innovative work in the University, often with the usage of modern day information technologies.

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