Institute of Chemistry

   C Damir Safin
Director of the Institute of Chemistry

Address: 15a Perekopskaya st., Tyumen   
Tel.: +7 (3452) 59-74-67


Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 
Department of Organic and Ecological Chemistry 
Accredited Laboratory of Organic Studies
Centre for Collective Use "Structural Analysis of Natural Objects and Nanosystems"
Centre for Collective Use "Chromatography and Spectroscopy"



The 21st century requires new specialists capable of making ecologically right and technically safe decisions in all spheres concerning chemistry. Apart from that, they should obtain deep and broad knowledge of adjoining spheres of science. These are exactly the specialists taught at the Institute of Chemistry at University of Tyumen.

Besides teaching students the basic disciplines of a classic university, the Institute of Chemistry carries out scientific research in several top-priority fundamental and applied projects supported by federal and regional grants. These include: research in the fields of organic catalysis, petrochemicals, physical chemistry, nanotechnologies, physica-chamical inspection and ecological monitoring, as well as a synthesis of new materials. All senior students have the opportunity to participate first-hand in scientific research in the instiute’s educational and research centers and laboratories, all equipped with modern hardware.

Institute gradates work in numerous educational institutions; academic and commercial research institutes; industrial, forensic, ecological, geographical and medical-pharmaceutical laboratories; oil and gas complexes in the Tyumen region; and in governmental agencies. 

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