Visa application form (single-entry)

Invitation application form for foreign visitors

Useful tips:

  • We advise using Google Chrome for this form.
  • Date format has to be DD.MM.YY, with dots (e.g. 25.10.2018), otherwise the form will not let you submit it.
  • If you have done everything correctly, you will see the following message: "Your application has been successfully submitted!"
    If not, it means we have not received your form.
  • If you are not sure where the nearest consulate of Russia is, check this map:
Passport requirements:
  • the passport must be valid for at least 6 months since the supposed end of your visit (for humanitarian visas) or for 1,5 years (for study and work visas);
  • have at least three clean pages;
  • not contain any damaged, torn or removed pages;
  • not raise doubts about its authenticity and the fact it belongs to you.
PLEASE, BE AWARE: if you are attending a short-time event in Tyumen, your visa will be given only for the duration of the event + a couple of days before and after the event for force-majeure situations. If you would like a longer visa, please, contact the person who is inviting you. 

Full Name / ФИО*
Citizenship / Гражданство*
Place of birth / Место рождения*
Workplace or Place of study in your country / Место работы или учёбы в вашей стране
Organization name / Название организации*
Position / Должность*
Work address / Адрес организации*
If you do not work, please leave your home address at the country of permanent residence / Если вы не работаете, пожалуйста, напишите домашний адрес в стране постоянного проживания
Travel info / Информация о поездке
Expected date of arrival to Russia / Ожидаемая дата въезда в Россию* Select date in calendar (DD.MM.YYYY)
Expected date of departure from Russia / Ожидаемая дата отъезда из России
Select date in calendar (DD.MM.YYYY)
Purpose of visit / Цель визита*
Russian cities you intend to visit / Российские города, которые вы планируете посетить
Passport scan / Скан первой страницы паспорта*
Previous Russian visa scan / Скан предыдущих российских виз
Russian Consulate where you will get your visa (country, city) / Российское консульство, где вы будете получать визу (страна, город)

If you do not need a visa, write “No” / Если виза не нужна, напишите «Нет»*
Contact information / Контактная информация
E-mail / Эл.адрес*
Email/Name of the UTMN employee who is inviting you / Сотрудник ТюмГУ, который с вами работает
I agree to have my personal data processed / Я согласен на обработку моих персональных данных*

* - required fields

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