Laboratory of polar and subpolar geosystems

Head of the laboratory: 

Khomutov Artem Valerievich
senior researcher, PhD of geologic-mineralogic sciences

Employee of laboratory:

Area of work

Comprehensive study of changes of Arctic and subarctic geosystems under the influence of cryogenic processes using advanced remote, laboratory and field methods.

The activity of cryogenic processes in polar and subpolar northern latitudes, including Arctic seacoasts, is cyclical, depending on the alternation of cycles of cooling and warming. With the warming, there is a mass activation of cryogenic processes associated with the extraction of permafrost and underground ice. However, the predominance of a process in each specific period of increased activity depends on a set of factors.

A more accurate understanding of the multidirectional interaction of various factors affecting the development of a cryogenic process can be reached through comprehensive studies of changes in geosystems, which are influenced by cryogenic processes. Such integrated studies include remote sensing methods based on the interpretation of satellite imagery of the earth's surface, including radar, and field expeditionary and stationary observations of the dynamics of landforms, permafrost, catchments, snow cover, etc.

The complexity of research cannot be achieved without the involvement of specialists from different fields of knowledge, including those who possess advanced methods of processing and interpretation of remote sensing data, unmanned aerial vehicle photography and chemical analysis.

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