Research Group Plant Ecophysiology

Plant Ecophysiology Research Group

Main Research Topics:

  • Plant functional traits as indicators of species adaptation to global climate change and anthropogenic factors  
  • Functional leaf anatomy and photosynthesis under ecological stress (shading, drought, flooding, salinity etc.) 
  • Leaf microstructure and a system of diffusion resistances as a basis for photosynthetic capacity and primary productivity of plants    
  • Environmental influence on pigment complex and biochemical composition of leaves
  • Plant functional types and geographical distribution of plant functional traits   
  • Prediction the productivity and functional properties of plant communities from species functional traits 



 Dr. Larissa Ivanova, PhD Biology 


 Dr. Leonid Ivanov, PhD Biology 

 Research: geographical changes in pigment complex of plant leaves, relations between leaf chemical composition and climate, carbon balance and biomass allocation in plants from different climate.  

  Dr. Dina Ronzhina, PhD Biology

Research: ecophysiology of aquatic and wetland plants, relationships between leaf structure, gas exchange rate and productivity of plant along humidity gradient. 

 кепокнон.jpg   Dr. Svetlana Migalina, PhD Biology

Research: ecophysiology of woody plants, leaf traits of woody plants along geographical and climatic gradients.  


Zonal and climate-dependent regularities in formation of functional properties of vegetation cover of Northern Eurasia. RFBR 2014-2017. PI Dr. Leonid Ivanov

Study of leaf mesophyll as a system of structural, physical and chemical constraints in plant leaves. RFBR 2014-2017. PI Dr. Larissa Ivanova


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Ivanov L.A., Ivanova L.A, Ronzhina D.A., Yudina P.K., Shinehuu Т., Tserenhand G., Bazha S.N., Gunin P.D. Climate and Grazing Effects on Biomass and Photosynthetic Capacity of Dominant Species in Mongolia Steppe Communities (2019). In: Ecology and Geography of Plants and Vegetation Communities. (Accepted)

Ivanova L.A., Yudina P.K., Ronzhina D.A., Ivanov L.A., Hölzel N. Quantitative mesophyll parameters rather than whole-leaf traits predict response of C3 steppe plants to aridity (2018) New Phytologist 217(2): 558-570. DOI: 10.1111/nph.14840

Ivanova L.A., Zolotareva N.V., Ronzhina D.A., Podgaevskaya E.N., Migalina S.V., Ivanov L.A. Leaf functional traits of abundant species predict productivity in three temperate herbaceous communities along an environmental gradient (2018) Flora 239: 11-19. DOI: 10.1016/j.flora.2017.11.005 

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Gunin P.D., Bazha S.N., Danzhalova E.V., Drobyshev Yu I., Ivanov L.A., Ivanova L.A., Kazantseva T.I., Migalina S.V., Miklyaeva I.M., Ronzhina D.A., Ariunbold E., Khadbaatar S., Tsooj Sh, Tserenkhand G. Regional Features of Desertification Processes of Ecosystems on the Border of the Baikal Basin and Central Asian Internal Drainage Basin (2015) Arid Ecosystems 5(3): 524-527.

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