Nanotechnology Center

Research and Educational Center of Nanotechnology


Prof. Sergey Udovichenko, Dr.Sci. – Lead

Alexander Pisarev, PhD

Andrey Bobylev, PhD student

Alexander Busygin, PhD student

Abdullah Haidar Abdo Ebrahim, PhD student

Our equipment:
   + EDS Oxford Instruments X-MAX
   + Lithograph Nanomaker
- Laser microdissection system Carl Zeiss Palm Microbeam
- Auto carbon coater JEOL JEC-570
- Auto metal coater Quorum Q 150R S

Selected Publications:
1. Filippov V.A., Bobylev A.N., Busygin A.N., Pisarev A.D., Udovichenko S.Yu. The biomorphic model of neuron and design principles of a neural network with memristor synapses for neuroprocessor //  Neural Computing and Applications. 2018.
2. Pisarev A., Busygin A., Udovichenko S., Maevsky O. 3D memory matrix based on a composite memristor-diode crossbar for a neuromorphic processor // Microelectronic Engineering, 2018. V.198. P.1-7.
3. Maevsky O.V., Pisarev A.D., Busygin A.N., Udovichenko S.Y. Complementary memristor- diode cell for a memory matrix in neuromorphic processor // International Journal of Nanotechnology. 2018. V.15.  № 4/5. P.388-393 (Scopus, Web of Sience).
4. S.Y. Udovichenko, A.N. Bobylev, D.A. Belotserkovtseva, D. D. Shpindyuk. Obtaining of non-stoichiometric titanium oxide using reactive magnetron sputtering // Journal of  Physics: Conf. Series. 2018. V. 387. 012080
5. Удовиченко С.Ю., Писарев А.Д., Бусыгин А.Н., Маевский  О.В. Нейропроцессор на основе комбинированного мемристорно-диодного кроссбара // Наноиндустрия. 2018. №5(84). С.344-355.
6. Bobylev A. N., Busygin A.N., Pisarev A.D., Udovichenko S. Yu., Filippov V.A. Neuromorphic coprocessor prototype based on mixed metal oxide memristors // International Journal of nanotechnology. 2017.  V. 14. № 7/8. Pp.698-704.
7. Udovichenko S., Pisarev A., Busygin A., Maevsky O. 3D CMOS, memristor nanotechnology for creating logical and memory matrics of neuroprocessor // Nanoindustry. 2017. № 5. P. 26-34.
8. Bobylev A.N. and Udovichenko S.Yu. The electrical properties of memristor devices TiN/Tix Al1-x Oy /TiN produced by magnetron sputtering // Russian Microelectronics. 2016. V.45 № 6. P.396-401.
9. Andreev O.V., Polkovnikov A.A.,  Denisenko Y.G., Bobylev A.N. Temperatures and enthalpies of melting of Ln2S3 (Ln 5 Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, Tm, Yb, and Lu) compounds // / Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 2018. V. 131. I. 2. P. 1545-1551.    
10. Khaustov A. A., Trach V.A., Bobylev A.N. Mites (acari) phoretic on six-toothed spruce bark beetle, pityogenes chalcographus linnaeus (coleoptera: curculionidae: scolytinae), in Western Siberia, Russia // Acarina. Russian journal of acarology 2016. 24 (2). P.137-151.
11. Khaustov A. A., Klimov P. B., Trach V.A., Bobylev A.N., Salavatulin V.M., Khaustov V. A., Tolstikov A.V. Review of mites (Acari) associated with the european spruce bark beetle, Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) in Asian Russia. 2018.26 (1). P.3-79.
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